Late Night Readings

SCENE I: Future Study Group

May 1968 France

Prelude to Revolution by Daniel Singer
The Imagination of the New Left by George Katsiaficas
Movement Communiste on May 68
Socialism or Barbarism Piece: Marcel Van Linden

The Winds from the East: French Intellectuals by Richard Wolin
Existential Marxism in Post-War France by Mark Poster
Marxism and the French Left by Tony Judt
French Marxism Between the Wars by Bud Burkhard
Althusser’s Lesson by Jacques Ranciere

American 1968

James Boggs
Negro Americans Take the Lead by CLR James
James Forman’s The Making of Black Revolutionaries
1967 High Tide of Black Resistance by James Forman

Italian 68/ 77
The Unseen by Nanni Balestrini


Anti-Oedipus by D/G
Giles Deleuze by Michael Hardt
Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti Oedipus by Eugene Holland
Gilles Delueze by Todd May
Two Regimes of Madness by Gilles Delueze
Returning to Revolution: Deleuze, Guattari, and Zapatismo by Thomas Nail
Thousand Plateus/ Use Hardt’s reading guide
Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari: Intersecting Lives by Francois Dosse
Terrorist Assemblages by Jasper Puar
Germinal Life by Keith Ansell Pearson

Look into:
Returning to Revolution by Thomas Nail
Deleuze and Politics edited by Ian Buchanan/ Nicholas Thoburn
End Notes Issue 3

Nieztsche Interlude

1 more text by N
Nietzshe by Deuluze
Introduction to Nietsche

Foucault readings

 1. History of Sexuality
2. Discipline and Punish
3. Society Must Be Defended
4. The Birth of Biopolitics (pdf)
5. Conversations on Marx
6. Psychiatric Power pdf
7. Abnormals pdf
8. Power by Michael Foucault
9.  Semiotext interivews Power/Knowledge just for the Foucault vs. the Maoist debates
10. Race and Education of Desire: Foucault and the Colonial Order of Things by Ann Laura Stoler
11. How to Read Foucault’s Discipline and Punishment by Anne Schwan and Stephen Shapiro
12. Vanguard of Retrogression by Loren Goldner

Annual tune up
Ecce Homo by Friedrich Nietzsche
White Man Listen by Richard Wright
Black Skin White Masks by Frantz Fanon
Bio of Bakunin
Bio of Blanqui
Bio of Malatesta
Revolution of Everyday Life by Raoul Vaneigem

New Materialism Readings

World of Becoming by William Connolly
Hyperobjects by Morton.  Also Realist Magic
Roland Boer’s Criticism of Heavan
Clearly Now the Rain by Eli Hastings
Cloud Atlas
Lana Wachowski’s interviews about the making of Cloud Atlas and the Matrix


Ethics by Spinoza

There’s an old “classic” by Lewis Feuer, Spinoza and the Rise of Liberalism. Straight-up bios are Dan Levin, Spinoza: The Man who destroyed the past, and Margaret Gullan-Whur, Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza.

It situates Spinoza in his period: Matthew Stewart. The courtier and the heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza and the fate of God in the modern
world (2006)

Hardt/ Negri on Spinoza
Savage Anomolies by Negri (PDF)
Spinoza for Our Time by Antonio Negri

Negri/ Hardt

A Grammar of the Multitude by Paolo Virno
Workers and Capital by Mario Tronti
On the Art of Organization by Michael Hardt
Negri by Timothy Murphy
Marx Beyond Marx
Empire and Beyond by Antonio Negri and Ed Emory
Factory of Strategy: Thirty-Three Lessons on Lenin
Proletarian Nights by Jacques Ranciere

Future’s Study Group SK Version

Oppose and Propose  by Andy Cornell

“Networks and Netwars” by John Arquilla

 Team Colors Collective

I’ve Got the Light of Freedom by Charles Payne
In Struggle by Clayborne Carson
Abolitionist History

Communization and others

Giles Duave and Karl Nesic
Movement Communist
theory Communist
Communization and Its Discontent
Coming Insurrection
After the Fall. coming out of California
Capital and Community: The Resutls of the Immediate Process of Production and the Economic Works of Marx by Jacque Camatte
Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Communist Movement by Giles Duave
Look at List of Strikes LG came up with
Paul Mason Why Its Still Kicking Off Everywhere
Why its kicking anarchists.pdf
Striking Steel by Jack Metzger (use as a foil to think about the worker today)?
Society of the Spectacle
Revolution of Everyday Life
Nihilist Communism by Monsieur Dupont

Contemporary Readings
Behind the Kitchen Door by Saru Jayaraman
New Labor in New York by Ruth Milkman and Ed Ott
New Forms of Worker Organization by Staughton Lynd and Immanuel Ness
David Graeber (what to read from this guy)
Can Dialectics Break Bricks by Aaron B
Ho Fung Ho Article
Gilbert Achar book
Horizontalism by Sitrin
Chavez by Richard Gott/ Gio’s book
Creditocracy by Andrew Ross
Live Working or Die Fighting by Paul Mason
Angry White Men by Michael Kimmel
Cities Under Siege The New Military Urbanism by Stephen Graham
Territories in Resistance: A Cartography of Latin American Social Movements by Raul Zibechi
The Beast by Oscar Martinez with 2666 Roberto Bolano
On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City by Alice Goffman
Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty

Critique of the Professional/ Activist/ Cadre/ Militant-form

Militancy the Highest Stage of Alienation
Arming Joy by Banono

Strategy Accelerator
The Essential Art of War Collection by Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz
The Road to Disunion Vol I & II by William Freehling
Lenin Writings/ April Theses/ Letters from Afar/ Writings from 1917


The Insurgent Barricades by Mark Traugott
Insurgent Identities by Roger Gould
Auguste Blanqui and the Art of Insurrection by Samuel Bernstein

Black Liberation Army Readings

The Weatherman

Return To Anarchism
Spanish Revolution
The Revolution and CIvil War in Spain by Pierre Broue
Homage To Catalonia by George Orwell
The Spanish Anarchists by Murray Bookchin
The Third Revolution by Murray Bookchin
We, The Anarchists by Stuart Christie
Workers Against Work Labor in Paris and Barcelona During the Popular Fronts by Derek Seidman

The Tyranny of Theory by Ronald Tabor

Gilles Deleuze by Todd May
Saul Newman
Nathan Jun

Late Capitalism
The Condition of Post-Modernity by David Harvey
Post Modernism or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism by Frederic Jameson
The Origins of Post Modernity by Perry Anderson
The Micro-Politics of Capital: Marx and the Pre-History of the Present by Jason Read

A Review Essay Empire and Multitude by Steven Sherman and Ganesh Trichur

PostStructuralism by Catherine Belsey
Structuralism and Poststructuralism For Beginners by Donald D. Palmer
Post-Structuralism and After by David Howarth
Immanuel Kant – “An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?”, 1784
Friedrich Nietzsche – “On Truth and Lies in an Extra-moral Sense,” 1873; The Gay Science, 1882; Thus Spoke Zarathustra, A Book for All and None, 1885
Jacques Derrida – “Structure Sign and Play in the Discourse of Human Sciences,” 1966;Of Grammatology, 1967; “Signature Even Context,” 1972
Gender Trouble by Judith Butler
Marx Through Post-Structuralism by Simon Choat
The Political Philosophy of Post-Structuralist Anarchism by Todd May

Insurgency/ Counter-Insurgency
Time in the Shadows by Laleh Khalili
The US Army/  Marine Corp Counterinsurgency Field Manual
(Book on Gulf War II)
Cities Under Siege by Stephen Graham
Strategy of the Urban Guerilla by Abraham Guillén

Pedagogy, Learning, Sharing, Growing…
Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Friere
Mind in Society: Development of Higher Psychological Processes by Lev Vygotsky
Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Revolutionary Study Groups by Mamos Rotnelli

Bios of People Interested….
Bruce Lee
Ray Kurzeil
Kanye West

The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzeil (Chomsky)
Marx and Singularity: From Early Writings to the Grundrisse by Luca Basso

Against Race by Paul Gilroy
Punishing the Poor by Loic Wacqaunt
Harlem: Negro Metropolis by Claude McKay
Race and Rumors of Race by Howard Odum

Friendship, Love, and Revolutionary Life
The Politics of Friendship by Jacques Derrida
Friendship in an Age of Economics by Todd May
Works of Love by Soren Kierkegaard
From Hegel to Nietzsche by Karl Lowith
Kierkegaard in the Golden Age Denmark by Bruce Kirmmse

Open Relationships and Sexuality
Emile Armand
Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan

The Subjective-Material Body
Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe
The Dialectical Therapy Skills Behavior Workbook by Matthew McKay
The Cognitive Therapy Workbook for Anxiety by William Knaus
Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

Psychoanalysis Study Group

Beyond a Pale Horse

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

The Specters of Marx by Jacques Derrida

The Imaginary Institution of Society by Cornelius Castoriadis
The Re-Birth of History by Alain Badiou
Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway