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Experimental Flyer Fast Food

DG Fast Food Experimental Flyer

This experimental flyer (not distributed and still in draft form) is inspired by Anti Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia by Deleuze and Guattari…..

The Body is the Weapon–Mysterious comrade

“For no one has thus far determined the power of the body…” Spinoza

We desire beautiful, delicious and healthy food. Instead at fast food spots we fill our bodies with poison. Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity is our future. It is not god which awaits us in the afterlife but Ronald McDonald with another Big Mac. Laugh mother fucker laugh. Here is a death meal that will make you happy….the fries that will make your anus bleed ketchup….

We are the over fed. We are over fed like cows and pigs. This is another factory of a new type. Look around. If we were animals you would think we are going to be slaughtered. But aren’t we? We over eat so Dave the founder or Colonel sSanders from KFC can pocket some cash. Then we have to go to work to make that cash. If animals only purpose is to eat, sleep, and fuck then we have become animals.

That is not true. Animals get to play more than us and get to spend more time with their children. If this does not shock you then your brain cells have been killed by the microwave eyes of Ronald McDonalds. Smile.

Sleep. Eat. Work. Eat. TV. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. This is our life. We fill the cracks with smiles, church. And our children or bfs/gfs.  Cracks of a plumbers ass.


Commercial Break

The ads below demonstrates the advanced consciousness of capital.  I found these Coke ads in the West 4th Subway tunnels.

Here are some bullet points which instantly came to mind when I saw this ad:

Coke’s understanding of the class is excellent and at an extremely high level.

Coke’s commodification of desires, dreams, and flows is brilliant .

This is another excellent example of the real domination of society by capital.

It is from here that any communist or anarchist grouping must begin. Not only do we trail the multitude, but that we trail capital’s knowledge and insight into the multitude.

This is class composition, subjectivity, and the art of propaganda.

Thank you Coke for teaching all of us on how it is done.

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Police Commissioner Bratton on Subways

Why is Bratton focusing on subways?  What purpose does focusing on the subways serve? What subjectivity or self-activity is Bratton trying to stop? What is the Panhandler and Peddler subject?  What is their social relationship to the state, to the police, to the rest of the multitude, to tourism in NYC? By attacking such subjects, what other new forms of life will be destroyed?

What role has the ‘cleanup’ of the subways served in the gentrification of New York City, in higher rents etc?

Bratton’s philosophy summed up in this quote: ” “If you take care of the little things, then you can prevent a lot of the big things.”

Crown Heights Tenants Union in NYC


I have not been involved, but this looks pretty interesting and looks like a serious organizing effort. Damn!

Some questions:

1. If revolutionaries are against gentrification, what kind of development are we for? What is our positive program? (This is similar to the line of thinking that says we should not be against globalization per se, but for a different kind of globalization. Or that we are not against modernity per se, but a different kind of modernity… etc.)

2. If revolutionaries are for a multi-racial society or more accurately the dissolution of racialism itself, then how does that square with: I am from so and so community and so and so people are taking over my community?

2a. What is the difference between neighborhood solidarity versus neighborhood nationalism? This is usually coded in race in most anti-gentrification struggles.

3. If revolutionaries are against capital forcing singularities to move, how do we square that with our desire for smooth surfaces where singularities are free to play?

The Subway in NYC

Down below is a map that shows the income inequality per the subway stops in NYC. Maps like this always remind me of how third world NYC is. But perhaps that is exactly what makes it a modern city…

Subways are an excellent space which have yet to be utilized by subjectivity machines of the sort we would like to build. The homeless, artists, and other singularities have been using the subway for exciting purposes for years.

Check this out:


Yet the revolutionary politics has dragged behind… How can we use subways…

We should distribute this in a map form with the single question of “What is your stop?”

Multitude Lives in New York and Lenin is Dead in England

Below is Lenin in England by Mario Tronti. The singular reason for posting this is to start the process of understanding class struggle in America, and specifically New York City.  However the point is not to think through things per Lenin in America.  If you see Lenin in America, ask a few strategic questions, take down notes, and then kill him.

The point is to rework this essay so it has meaning in today’s class struggles in American conditions.  The point is to connect the real possibility of anarchism/ communism tomorrow with the struggles of today.  (Perhaps communism tomorrow is too conservative per the communisation comrades.)

A brief analysis is needed to summarize how the multitude is driving, ducking and weaving, crawling, and scrambling in its struggle against capital.  An analysis that looks at the multitude in its many sided activities outside of formal institutions… an analysis that can see the invisible machines of the multitutde in all its glory.

Three examples of such machines which come to mind are:
a) the multitude which jumps turn styles
b) the multitutde which skips schools
c) the multitude which steals commodities

In any other country, this multitude would form gigantic organizations and fight capital in the form of organization against organization.  In the U.S., the multitude refuses to join any organization. Instead the multitude  combats on terms of networks, individual struggle, and informal groupings. If the multitude in the U.S. does not have false consciousness or has not been defeated, then  there must be an anarchist/ communist explanation for this that places the subjectivity and self-activity of the multitude at the
forefront. What is this explanation?

In the upcoming weeks, we will go through a systemic examination of this essay and hopefully a fruitful re-writing of this peace for the purposes of the Multitude in New York City. Lenin in England is the starting point, but is no longer relevant to NYC in 2014. We must be careful how we use this piece… assemblages and partial objects is the method.

BELOW LENIN IN ENGLAND with important parts in BOLD.

Lenin in England by Mario Tronti

A new era in the class struggle is beginning. The workers have imposed it on the capitalists, through the violent reality of their organised strength in the factories. Capital’s power appears to be stable and solid. … the balance of forces appears to be weighted against the workers… and yet precisely at the points where capital’s power appears most dominant, we see how deeply it is penetrated by this menace, this threat of the working class.

It is easy not to see it. We shall need to study, to look long and hard at the class situation of the working class. Capitalist society has its laws of development: economists have invented them, governments have imposed them, and workers have suffered them. But who will uncover the laws of development of the working class? Capital has its history, and its historians write it — but who is going to write the history of the working class? Capitalist exploitation can impose its political domination through a hundred and one different forms — but how are we going to sort out the form that will be taken by the future dictatorship of the workers organised as the ruling class? This is explosive material; it is intensely social; we must live it, work from within it, and work patiently.