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Forecasting Great Moments in Leftism: irony looking at irony

Mario Tronti wrote, “What is needed now is to start again, with rigorously one-sided class logic — courage and determination for ourselves, and detached irony towards the rest.”

From a strange logic, I could only think of emailing the Great Moments in Leftism site about the comedy and tragedy of groups like Unity and Struggle, my own laughable situation, and other misfortunes of the left…Since all is fair play in comedy, I could at least decide when singularities would be made fun of… ?
I was recently admitting to my partner, much of what we do in the revolutionary left, is akin to dungeons and dragons, with little basis in reality. We live in a world of fantasy, a world with its own heroes, its own rules, its own traditions, etc etc. Some should just come out with a dungeon and dragons version of the left with Bob Avakian and everything.

GMIL is really a test of everyone’s dedication to what Tronti has written. I am sure all of us have read GMIL jokes and laughed at them. Did we forget that those jokes are about ourselves, the groups we build etc?  Did I ever believe the jokes were not about me? If revolutionaries are poets and comedians of the future, then doesn’t that include self-referential poetry and comedy that is turned upon ourselves… What have we learned from GMIL?

Why is irony so important to Tronti? What purpose can an ironic sense of self serve for the revolutionary left? Do we live in an ironic age? How was irony used in Ancient Greece?

Your move GMIL….

Here is my email to Great Moments in Leftism