Crisis of Capitalism

Paul Mason

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Mason asks/ says:

Are we living through a revolution right now? Just as great as the Russian Revolution, although very very different…

Is the movement of revolutionary processes moving from action, thinking, to culture, etc in ways we can call surplus flux?

Do we have more power to disseminate ideas/ actions then any generation before us?

Are we living through a dynamic of revolution which has never occurred before? What is new?

Mason argues that new kinds of humans have emerged. What/Who are they?

Mason references Clay Shirky. It’s this guy:

How has technology change organizational questions?

Mason argues that we do not have a clear alternative to challenge capitalism.

Mason argues that we are living through a once in a five hundred year event. The last time something in so important in terms of technology and information sharing happened with with the invention of the printing press in the 15th century!

Mason argues that the control of women’s bodies of their own bodies is a 40,000 year event!

Mason argues that three developments are happening now: work as absurdity, collapse of price mechanisms, and collaborative production.

Mason argues we are living through a new type of alliance of educated youth, urban poor, and organized workers.