Draft Flyer meant for a McDonald that is closing using communization

How did our lives become so wrapped up with McDonald’s?  This is the same company which grows baby chickens without arms and legs. The same company which feeds its customers and workers poisioned food. Wonder why we get cancer? Look at what we are eating. This was supposed to be a temporary job. But it has become a prison cell and our bunk mate is Ronald McDonald.

We will all move on to different jobs. But little will change. We will work, sweating our life away for a dream that we will never wake up to. It is time to stop dreaming. It is time to start living. We only dream because our real lives are hell. No dream can compensate for the living hell of work, eat, sleep which is what we mostly do.
Every second we work at McDonald’s is a second we throw away. How many seconds will you live?
Some of us will work at a new McDonald’s. A new prison. A new torture factory. Sometimes we do not even know it. It is because we have become numb to the pain, to the dullness, and the boredom of life itself. We smoke weed or get drunk to remind us what it feels like to be alive or to forget what it feels like to be dead. Our bodies become tombs not meant for life and not meant for death: we are zombies. We escape to our families, our girlfriends or boyfriends. They become our shelter. That is why breakups and deaths are so traumatic. In a shitty world, our utopia is gone.

Some of us will work at a new McDonald’s. What will happen after that? Our dreams are the only reason we stay alive. No one grows up and says “I want to work at McDonald’s when I grow up.” But here we are. Our dreams keep us living. A better life, better future for our kids, for ourselves. But the American dream is over. It is a shit hole. This might be hard for us immigrants to accept, but it is true. For African-Americans, America is the home of slavery and lynchings. Cliche, yes. Touche. Truffles and Big Macs certainly. But one Black President and Jay-Z cannot make up for the countless dreams deferred.
We want to defend our jobs at McDonald’s. What would we say to slaves that wanted to protect their master’s home. Burn it down. Burn it down! We have forgotten these words and actions. It is only fear that holds us back. The illusion of finding something better. Anything we find, will only be a temporary relief from the Novocain administered to us by this society. Time for weed, cocaine, and alcohol.
$15/ hour sounds good. But it will solve little. The planet is sinking. New York City is gone baby. 10 feet under water, it is only a matter of time. You wanna stay on the Titanic, then where is your life-vest.  Don’t forget your Big Mac and Chicken Mc’Nuggets. The problems are as deep as the ocean. You either gonna step up or sink down.  Your body is sinking. Into the abyss of the ocean. Good bye… Off.