Must Interview this person


1. When I was at the University of Washington, I became convinced that all students should wear t-shirts with their philosophical tradition/ perspective printed on the front.  That at any time, someone could challenge you to a philosophical duel and you would have to defend yourself.

2. I do not know if the picture of this person is serious. Maybe this is a GMIL prank (j/k) or some crazy shit like that. But at the risk of making a fool out of myself, I want to take this picture seriously. Whatever this person is doing, they are sticking to their guns… That counts in a world of half-measures…

3. I want to try to understand what this picture and person is about. Perhaps this is what the Soviets looked like to the Bolsheviks in 1905, when they were arrogant enough to demand the workers in the Soviet join the Bolsheviks and disband the Soviet (The Soviets by Oskar Anweiler).