Occupy Wall Street and the Question of Organization in 2014

OWS 2011 was most dynamic in Oakland, Portland, and Seattle (OPS). New York City comes in a very very distant fourth.

Talking to singularities from the west coast, gives me an impression similar to what Paul Mason talks about: new humans walk the planet. The west coast singularities seem to have gone through a process which has transformed them beyond recognition from the rest of the OWSers. I will not try to describe exactly what is unique about the west coast singularities, as they should do that.

The leaders of the next round of organizational theory and practice from the OPS node should share their organizational insights for the next generation of singularities.

How this will be done is not clear to me. That is something they should figure out. End Notes Volume 3 has taken some important steps… It is no coincidence that some of the End Notes authors were probably involved, if not central in the OPS nodes.