Crown Heights Tenants Union in NYC


I have not been involved, but this looks pretty interesting and looks like a serious organizing effort. Damn!

Some questions:

1. If revolutionaries are against gentrification, what kind of development are we for? What is our positive program? (This is similar to the line of thinking that says we should not be against globalization per se, but for a different kind of globalization. Or that we are not against modernity per se, but a different kind of modernity… etc.)

2. If revolutionaries are for a multi-racial society or more accurately the dissolution of racialism itself, then how does that square with: I am from so and so community and so and so people are taking over my community?

2a. What is the difference between neighborhood solidarity versus neighborhood nationalism? This is usually coded in race in most anti-gentrification struggles.

3. If revolutionaries are against capital forcing singularities to move, how do we square that with our desire for smooth surfaces where singularities are free to play?